Open Education: project team reflections


A shared page to collect our thoughts.

Action research feedback.

Having participated recently in LERMOOC (a learner experience research mooc) I have had the opportunity to investigate our project plan through some action research in the form of a cognitive review and would like to share the insights gained. 

Please take a look at the document I have linked above. 

I think it is clear that we need to push forward on our hub/networking plans so here are my priorities for the project over the next few weeks:

  • All participants needs to ensure that they are familiar with the core concepts of open education, please add your initials to the tracker for any investigations you want to lead/participate in.
  • Visuals and website plans need to be firmed up asap
  • Arrangements need to be made for events in your network (see network tab on tracker)

Project outputs and plans to date.

The following activities have been accomplished so far:

  • Project participants have accessed all the digital spaces we have available and started to familiarise themselves with resources
  • Outward facing spaces: the G+ community and our blog are live, have started to pick up followers and posts. 
  • A resource (video)  on Copyright and digital media has been created and can be shared openly with your networks
  • The news about our WIHEA #knowhow project was shared with the OER17 conference in London and the Open Education SIG
  • Online discussions have taken place to move forward visuals for dissemination (see our GAFE folder)

These plans are currently in hand:

  • An event hosted online next week as part of Global Leadership Week, this is an international opportunity to make ourselves visible


25 May 2017, 4:38 PM
Something in the hand to hand fighting that is contended forward and backward all the time is the viability of online education versus conventional education in a UK and would one be able to take in the combative technique to any level of capability through separation learning. During a time where conveying and learning through the Internet are staples of consistently life and the capacity to get the hang of anything effectively is interested in everybody along these lines, my answer is a resonating "YES!".
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